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Welcome to GD GOENKA Public School Gaya

When we are young we dream about the future and what it will be like, but as we grow older we tend to forget what we used to dream when we were young. With time, we even stop dreaming, as we move to a reality check that we cannot make our dreams real for one reason or the other. It is generally said that when we turn 30, we give up changing our world; and family, finances, career takes precedence. In a way, we stop being open to what we actually want in life.


Experienced Teachers

Gd Goenka Gaya we believe that the educators are instrumental in shaping not only the achievements of students but also in establishing the reputation of a school.

A/C Campus

Gd Goenka Gaya is one of the best school in Gaya with fully air conditioned campus.

Delicious Food

We pride ourselves in preparing the most hygienic food for all our students...

Sports Facilities

Easily accessible from all parts of the town, the ambience is rural and peaceful with the abundance of space that is so vital for the needs of children...

Holistic Education

Holistic development of students can’t be achieved just by imparting academics.


The school will provide all security to the children while on campus and while on transit by school bus.

Current updates

we are the most experience and dedecited school in Gaya Bihar.

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