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Principal's Message

Greetings to All!
The year 2016 marked the beginning of an era as the gates of G D Goenka Public School opened to cater to the education needs of Gaya. This institution was created with an objective of providing an outstanding 360 degree education in character building, leadership, extra co curricular activities and academics along with a very strong, dedicated and capable team of educators who became the driving force in the growth of the School.
Our goal at G D Goenka is to provide a safe, positive, and productive learning environment. We have established a strong tradition of school pride and achievement. We continue to work toward academic excellence and educational growth for all students.
Our schools offer a balanced blend of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities to help our students become engaged in our schools and to grow into well-rounded global citizens.At GDGoenka Public School, we believe we have something for everyone and encourage student involvement. Our focus is student achievement, but we also strive to create a sense of community among all our stakeholders. Our students, teachers, parents, and community members are committed to building a learning partnership, and our schools are the focus of our community

Being a child-centric school, G.D.Goenka Public School has valued the inculcation of discipline as the primary duty, moving ahead in accordance with the New Education Policy introduced by the Government. The syllabus will be based on Experiential Learning emphasising more on practical approach with an effective Concept building from the very beginning of the child's education. Keeping the thought 'A sound mind in a sound body' as our bedrock, sports will be an imperative part of the curriculum. A scholar shall acquire the knowledge of different games incorporated in the school syllabus on class wise pattern. Once the Students passes intermediate level, apart from developing an upper edge in academics, he/she would be an adroit in sports as well.
It is rightly said that “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement” and we are committed in taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic, independent, compassionate, life-long learners and global leaders who will bring glory to the School, State and the Nation.
God Bless
G D Goenka Public School, Gaya

(M.Sc., Ph.D., B.Ed.)

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