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SCHOOL Uniform

The School uniform is a discipline in itself and must be adhered to strictly. All students are expected to wear the following school uniform:

  • Students who do not wear the school uniform on a regular basis, will not be allowed to sit in the class and will be sent back home.
  • Girls are not allowed to use make-up or nail-paint in school. They should also refrain from using flashy and expensive jewellery items
  • Boys should have proper hair cut.Long or uneven hair are not permitted.
  • Hair colouring or bleaching of hair is not permitted
  • Wearing of studs for boys, growing of beard for boys is not permitted.
  • Any alterations of uniform(astapered pants, tight shirt sleeves,shortened length of skirts) are not permitted.


Striped Cotton Knit T-shirt (Half Sleeve) (Nur-Class II)Striped Cotton Knit T-shirt (Half Sleeve) (Nur-Class II)
Blue Shorts (Nur - Class II)Basic Skirt (Nur - Class II)
Blue Striped Shirt (Half Sleeve) (Class III onwards)Blue Striped Shirt (Half Sleeve) (Class III onwards)
Blue Capris (Class III - V)Blue Pleated Skirt (Class III - V)
Blue Trousers (Class VI onwards)Blue Divided Skirt (Class VI onwards)
White SocksWhite Socks
Black ShoesBlack Shoes
Black Turban / Patka for Sikh boysBlack colour hair accessories

NB : Summer : House colour T-shirts, White Shorts / Trousers / Pleated Skirts, White hair accessories and white sports shoes will be worn on Wednesdays in Summer.


School Red Jacket (Woollen) (Nur-V)School Red Jacket (Woollen)
School Red Blazer (Woollen) (VI onwards)Black Pinstripe tunic (Nur - Class II) White formal Shirt (full Sleeves)
White Formal Shirt (Full Sleeves)Black Pinstripe A-line skirt (Class III-V)
Black Pinstripe TrousersBlack Pinstripe divided Skirt (Class VI onwards)
White Socks with Black bandWhite Socks with black band
Black ShoesBlack Shoes
Red & Grey Cables School pullover(half/fith sleeves)Red & Grey Cables School Pullover (half/full sleeves)
Neck TieNeck Tie
Black Turban / Patka for Sikh boysBlack colour hair accessories
 Red Leggings (Optional) Nur - V
 Black Leggings (optional) VI - Onwards

Winter : White full Sleeves shirt, White Trousers / Pleated Skirts, White hair accessories and White sports Shoes along with the Pullover and Blazer will be worn on Wednesdays in Winter. Sikh boys will wear black Patkas/ turban on Wednesdays.
Children are expected to wear the respective House colour T-shirt, Tie and sports shorts/sports Skirt during all Inter-House games.

- Sports: Kitto be broughtto school on the days indicated.
- Fabric :Raymonds

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